The Obertor is the eldest of four gates in the city and contains the largest amount of stonework. Due to the gate being modified several times, it is difficult to say precisely when the massive tower was built. However, its origin is considered to be mid-15th century. In the gable, hangs “the poor sinners bell”. The bell was rung during executions up until the 19th century.


Ravensburg is the city of towers and gates and known for its southern atmosphere. Many pubs, restaurants and street cafes that offer outdoor seating and serve traditional Swabian specialties and delicious dishes from all over the world. This charming town offers a wide range of cultural activities such as museums, theaters and leisure options. Within is medieval walls, Ravensburg also serves as a popular shopping destination.

Leisure region

Upper Swabian, Allgäu, and Lake Constance in southern Germany have long been favored vacation destinations for Germans. Located less than an hour from Switzerland or Austria, Ravensburg is not to be missed. The Ravensburger Spieleland, the Mainau, and the Alps are just a few examples of endless trip possibilities.